Planned Giving to Kindred SpiritsMost of us want to leave a lasting legacy. We want to leave the world a better place through our talents and gifts. We want to contribute to important causes that benefit the lives of our lesbian and women’s communities. In the past, it was thought only a privileged few could create such legacies. But, the way we think about giving has changed and so have the ways we give.    Today, through planned giving, there are tax-favored ways to give that make substantial donations possible. Planned giving is a thoughtful charitable tool that enables donors to plan and allows a donor to make a significant future gift to a chosen charity without encumbering any current expense.  Your planned gift may be designated for a specific program or event, or you may choose to make your planned gift to the Kindred Spirits Endowment. To begin planning, it is advised that a donor work with his/her attorney or accountant to explain the many gift opportunities available and the financial advantages of each.   However, a few of examples of planned gifts are listed below.

Life Insurance

You can make a substantial gift by naming Kindred Spirits Foundation as a beneficiary or owner of your life insurance policy. Often, donating life insurance enables you to make a larger gift to Kindred Spirits Foundation than you otherwise could. Contact your insurance agent; then make Kindred Spirits Foundation aware of your plan.

Simple Bequest

One of the simplest planned gifts is a bequest through your will in which you designate a specific dollar amount or a percentage of your estate after other disbursements.  In addition to supporting Kindred Spirits Foundation, it serves as an example to your heirs of the values and ideals you hold dear.  A bequest can also reduce the amount of your taxable estate, which may increase the actual amount available to loved ones.  Please contact your attorney or estate planner for more information about making a bequest to KSF.

Retirement Plan

Naming Kindred Spirits Foundation as a beneficiary or contingent beneficiary in your retirement plan, 401 (k) or IRA is a donation option that gifts the entirety of the plan (or a portion of the plan, if you choose) to KSF, Inc., tax-free.  Please consult with your plan administrator about making KSF a beneficiary of your retirement plan.

Charitable Trust or Annuity

Donors can name Kindred Spirits Foundation, Inc. as the ultimate beneficiary of excess or unused assets.  This donation my be either restricted to a particular program or a specific purpose, or it may be unrestricted in nature.  Please consult with a money manager or attorney to see about setting up a trust or annuity. Through planned giving, an individual can make a significant future donation to support an important organization or a meaningful cause.   Prior to making a planned gift, it is recommended that one first consult with an attorney or financial planner.  Next, investigate the organization you would like to support. To learn more about Kindred Spirits Foundation and making a planned gift to us, please contact us via email at: