Kindred Spirits, founded by Marion E. Coleman in 1980, was a phenomenal women’s bar, a community focal point, and a Houston institution for almost a decade.   Thousands of women and their friends enjoyed socializing in the clean and safe environment of the bar, but it was the kinship and feeling of unity that kept patrons coming back.

In order to preserve the wonderful ‘spirit’ of the bar, and to continue its legacy of supporting women, the Kindred Spirits Foundation (KSF) was established in 2002.  KSF is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization which provides funding to groups working to increase health and wellness amongst underserved women, especially lesbians.  To that end, KSF is pleased to announce our request for applications from organizations that wish to be one of our beneficiaries for the 2014 fundraising year.


Eligible applicants must be tax exempt organizations as described in Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code and further classified as a public charity within Section 509 (a) of the Internal Revenue Code.  In addition, eligible applicants must provide health-related or supportive services to women, with special consideration given to those organizations that serve lesbians.  All eligible organizations may apply for funding on an annual basis.

Funding Availability

Awards will be based upon total KSF contributions received during the 2015 fundraising year.  The number of benefitting organizations selected and amounts awarded will vary depending upon KSF fundraising totals and the merits of submitted proposals.  Eligible organizations may submit funding proposals for up to $10,000; however, actual awards may be less than requested.  Monies will be awarded in December 2015.

Application Requirements

Applications will be judged upon their quality and completeness, as well as the merit of the proposed project to be funded, utilizing a scoring system for the various elements within the proposal.  Applications must be typed in 12-point font, double-spaced with one inch margins. 

Submitted applications must consist of one (1) original PLUS an electronic copy saved to a labeled USB flash drive.  Applications must be received no later than 5pm on Friday, October 31, 2014.  Applications may be mailed or hand-delivered to:

Kindred Spirits Foundation
Attention: Marion Coleman
1215 Jackson Blvd.
Houston, TX 77006

Applications MUST adhere to page limits and should include:

  • Completed cover page (See attached, 10 points)
  • Organization’s history and mission (No more than one page, 15 points)
  • Statement of Need (Clearly define the problem or issue to be addressed by the organization.  Include data to substantiate the need.  No more than one page, 25 points)
  • Project Plan (Describe the proposed project or use of funds, the goals and objectives of the proposed project, and how you will evaluate or measure the success of the project.  No more than one page, 30 points)
  • Budget for proposed project (No more than one page, 15 points)
  • Addenda items: (5 points)
    • List of organization’s Board of Directors, including their contact information
    • Copy of organization’s annual operating budget
    • Copy of IRS designation letter
    • Copy of the organization’s most recent audit (if applicable) or financial statement

Technical Assistance

Applicants may have questions about application procedures or requirements.  In order to fairly provide needed input, KSF will accept inquiries during a specific and time-limited period.  Applicants may submit their questions via electronic mail to:

Questions will be accepted between October 2, 2014 and October 30, 2014.  All inquiries will receive an electronic mail response within one business day.


Beneficiary selections for 2015 will be announced publicly at the Holiday Cabaret Christmas Sing-A-Long event, scheduled for December 7, 2014 at Meteor, 2306 Genesee.  Additionally, organizations submitting proposals will be notified of funding decisions via electronic mail the following day, December 8, 2014.    Organizations selected as beneficiaries of KSF will be expected to participate in KSF fundraising activities during the year, such as providing volunteers to work events, assisting with publicity for events, etc.  Monetary awards to beneficiaries will be based upon total dollars raised during the year and will be awarded in December 2015.


In order to remain eligible for future funding, beneficiary organizations will be required to submit a final report which includes budgetary information detailing the ways in which funding was utilized and the project’s impact upon the clients served.  The final report deadline for funds awarded in 2015 is January 31, 2016.